Manual or Automatic? Tips on Buying your First Car

Manual cars have a following among car enthusiasts. It is said that they have that feeling that no automatic transmission vehicle can replicate. Some even hold the skill of using a shift lever in high regard. Whatever the case is, manual cars are still popular among people. The question remains whether they are still worth investing in if you’re looking for a budget car at your local dealership.

Automatic cars are still pricier than your average manual transmission vehicle. But factors like comfort and ease of use are valuable to those simply looking for a reliable family car. 

If you’re on the fence about buying your very first vehicle, here are a couple of key things to consider:


If you’re passionate about cars, go for a manual

Manual transmission cars offer drivers plenty of flexibility and maneuverability. As enthusiasts say, it will feel like you are one with the car after you’ve mastered it. 

Manual lovers also praise the performance of select cars over modern automatic vehicles. They accelerate better and aren’t as limiting as their counterparts. As you would expect, they are “easy to acquire, difficult to master” vehicles unless you’ve been driving stick since you got your license. 

Appreciating their beauty can be tricky if the more easy-going automatics have persuaded you. Still, if you see yourself driving manual cars in the future, you should go for it as the first car to own.


If you prefer a smoother experience, go for automatic

If you’re the kind who cares more about the comfort of long-distance travel, then getting an automatic is the better bet for you. The thing about these cars is that many simply focus on providing a smooth experience without the hassle of getting used to the clutch or the gear stick. Plus, the automobile industry is leaning towards manufacturing more automatic cars, meaning new and recent models are fitted with modern safety features like cameras, Bluetooth radios, charging stations, etc.


For long-term investments

Regarding long-term investments, automatic cars generally fetch a higher price after a year’s worth of depreciation. With manual cars, there are only a select few models that enthusiasts value. 

Ford Mustangs and Chevy Camaros still fetch a price because they are valued as vehicles. Similarly, other cars made famous by television and cinema are also sought after and usually kept by owners as valuable assets.

But if we’re talking investment and a car for long-term personal use, then there are a couple of things you need to consider:

  • Manual cars are cheaper to own and maintain, but many automatic cars require less annual maintenance
  • Reckless manual driving can result in expensive repairs
  • General manual car models are challenging to sell as second-hand
    • Some trends even estimate that teens aren’t as crazy for manual cars compared to ten years ago
  • Recent automatic models have better fuel economy than manual cars due to having more gears 
  • Automatic cars are better for owners who frequent areas with inclines and heavy traffic
    • They are also recommended for drivers with weak left legs

When buying your first car, you must choose between a vehicle with a steep learning curve or something that provides better accessibility at a slightly higher fee.

The joys of owning a car come from how you value them. Do you look at them as pieces of art or just vehicles for travel? 


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